31/05/2012 - Diana Loosmore

    • Trained at the Queensland Universitu of Technogy and tored in Australia
    • In London, performed ofr Jeremy James and Company, Red Rain Dance Theatre, Paul Douglas'Small Bones Dance Company, Mark Bruce Company, Rafeal Bonachela and Richard Alston Dance Company
    • Appeared intot he Snag project of Jeanne Fong and Sarah Warsop at the Royal Opera House and Queen Elizabeth Hall
    • 2003: Danced with Siobhan Davies Dance Company
    • 2003: Joined the Scottish Ballet as a Soloist


    31/05/2012 - Diana Loosmore

    Choreographer works

    • Autumn 2006: First choreographic work, Sirocco
    • March 2007: Her second choreographic  work "Chasing ghosts" performed at the Peter Darrell Gala and part of Scottish Ballet's Autumn season
    • Summer Season 2008: Choreographed "lull" on Scottish Ballet dancers

    Awards and Prices

    • 2005: Received a Herald angel  Award for excellence in her performance of Page works dring Edinburgh Festival Fringe
    • 2007: Awarded the 2007 Peter Darrell choreographic Award


    31/05/2012 - Diana Loosmore

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  • 30/05/2012 - Rebecca Krohn

    • Born in Vestal, New York
    • 1995: entered the School of American Ballet as a scholarship student
    • Fall 1998: invited to become an apprentice with NYCB
    • Spring 1999: Joined the NYCB as CDB Member
    • March 2006: Promoted to Soloist
    • 19th May 2012: Promoted to Principal


    30/05/2012 - Rebecca Krohn

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  • 28/05/2012 - Mireille Hassenboehler

    • Born in New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Trained with Harvey Hysell until the age o f 17
    • Trained at the  SFB school
    • Trained at the Houston Ballet's Ben Stevenson Academy
    • 1992: Joined the Houston Ballet
    • 2000: Promoted to Principal Dancer 

    Favorite role: Aurora in Sleeping BeautyOne definite moment: Performing a last minute replacement for opening night of Giselle with Carlos Acosta
    "Mireille Hassenboehler attacked the featured role, originally created for the rubber-jointed French star Sylvie Guillem, with super-charged aplomb. She and Phillip Broomhead plugged into an amazing energy force in a pas de deux that brought the piece to an electrifying climax." -Molly Glenzer (Houston Chronicle review of the ballet In the middle, somewhat elevated)


    28/05/2012 - Mireille Hassenboehler

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  • 27/05/2012 - Ian Casady

    • Born in Marin County, California
    • Trained at the Dance Theater Seven
    • Trained at the Houston Ballet's Ben Stevenson Academy
    • 1998: Joined the Houston Ballet
    • 2002: Promoted to Soloist
    • March 2007: Promoted to Principal Dancer


    27/05/2012 - Ian Casady

    Favorite role: Ghost in Christopher Brice's Ghost Dances

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  • 26/05/2012 - Simon Ball

    • Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Trained at the School of American Ballet
    • Ballet training with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
    • Trained at the Conservatory at Point Park College
    • Trained at the School of Classical Ballet (American Ballet Theatre's training program)
    • Performed as a Guest Artist  with many companies in the United States and abroad
    • 1995: Joined the Boston Ballet as CDB Member
    • 1996: Promoted to Soloist
    • 1999: Promoted to Principal
    • 2003: Joined the Houston Ballet as Principal Dancer

    Favorite role: Albrecht in GiselleOne defining Moment: Danced on the stage of the National Ballet of Cuba
    Prices and Awards

    • 1990: Awarded the Margarite Amelita Hoffman scholarship at the IBC in Jackson, Mississippi
    • 1994: Gold Medal at the first IBC in memory of Rudolf Nureyev in Budapest, Hungary
    • 1994: Gold Medal at the IBC in jackson, Mississipi
    • 1999: Invited to perform at the Benois de la Danse in Berlin, Germany

    26/05/2012 - Simon Ball

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