• 19/01/2012 - Jamie Kopit

    19/01/2012 - Jamie Kopit

    • 1994: Born in Fountain Valley, California
    • 1997-2009: Trained at the Southland Ballet Academy
    • 2008: Attended SFB Summer Session
    • 2009: Was Offered a Scholarship to the Royal Ballet's Summer Session and an invitation to study year round (YAGP scholarship)
    • Studied with the Royal Ballet School
    • 2010-2011: Performed and toured with BRB
    • May 2011: Joined ABT as an apprentice
    • October 2011: Joined the CDB

    19/01/2012 - Jamie Kopit

    Prices and Awards

    • 2009: Youth America Grand Prix - Grand Prix in the Senior Division in Los Angeles, went to the fina round in NYC

    Article by HBIndependent

    "Jamie was a very special dancer, a unique dancer," Rizkalla said. "She had a lot of agility, was a really hard worker, and had determination from a young age. From the beginning, she was determined to be successful and to be a ballerina."

    Pointe Magazine ranged the SBA in the top seven sudios nationwide for cultivating top talent.

    19/01/2012 - Jamie Kopit

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