• 13/11/2011 - Aki Saito

    13/11/2011 - Aki Saito


    • Born in Morioka, Japan
    • Trained at the Tomoko Kurosawa Ballet Studio in Japan
    • Trained at the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp in Belgium
    • Currently: Principal with the Royal Ballet of Flanders

    Prices and Honnours:

    • 1991: Won a scholarship at Prix de Lausanne Competition

    Message to the Prix de Lausanne candidates:

    Prix de Lausanne will open new doors in your life that will lead to many great experiences and opportunities. Keep an open mind, enjoy every moment and learn and experience as much as you can. Every experience in life is a gift and I wish you all the best and love to everyone.

    13/11/2011 - Aki Saito

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